Esports & Gaming Research
First Think Tank of Germany


Books, papers, ideas, innovation

We supported several publications, for example for projects of HEEL and Flying Kiwi Media. Also we provide help for students at their theses. 

Our members have contributed to papers published by "Die Unternehmung", "Das Wirtschaftsstudium", "Economics Bulletin", "PAIDIA" and "Research Journal for Applied Management", among others.

Esports Research

Interdisciplinary research field Esports

Esports offers many opportunities, for example on economic, sporting, social, educational and legal issues. We are active in all these fields, in particular:

  • Definitional issues
  • Game theory
  • Business Model Patterns (Free-to-Play, Osterwalder)
  • Doping, Matchfixing, Cheating
  • Mathematical modeling of economic problems

Focus topic: Economy

Macroeconomics, microeconomics, business models

The focus of our scientific work is business models. For example, we study the impact of business model patterns in video games on human behavior, as well as their transferability to other industries.

“Please feel free to contact us. We help mainly on a voluntary basis and would like to advance the topic of Esports by supporting meaningful projects in research and society. ”

Dr. Timo Schöber

Leader of Esportionary